African Walnut

African Walnut (Lovoa trichilioides)


Common Names: African Walnut


Distribution: West Tropical Africa


Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a golden yellow to reddish brown, sometimes with darker streaks and veins. Sapwood is a medium yellow to light gray and is generally narrow. African Walnut also displays a ribbon-stripe figuring on quartersawn surfaces, similar to Sapele.


Janka Hardness: 940 lbf


Density: 2.83 lbf


Allergies/Toxicity: African Walnut has been reported to cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation, as well as other systemic effects.


Controlled species: CITES: no, IUCN: yes


Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, flooring, furniture, cabinetry and turned objects.


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